Dick And Betsy DeVos Supports Charitable Initiatives

Recently, Dick and Betsy Devos shared how they have spent almost $139 million in various philanthropic initiatives. DeVos family’s lifetime spending on charity is $1.33 billion, which is a quarter of their total wealth that is estimated to be $5.2 billion. The couple’s donations have been channeled to the education sector, art and culture, as well as civic duties and community initiatives. I believe that the DeVos family has been the leading donor to the Republican Party. Dick’s dad, who is the co-founder of Amway, Rich Devos, has supported the party financially. Betsy comes from a family that is known for its political and charitable giving. Her father, Edgar Prince, was an Dutch industrialist and proprietor of Prince Corporation.

In 2015, Dick and Betsy spent $11.6 million on charity. This is approximately double the amount that they have spent on campaign donations in the past five years. Dick and his four children donated $104 million to charity in same year, landing them on the 24th position on Forbes’ list of America’s Top Givers. From the donation, $3 million was allocated to education while $357,000 was channeled to organizations that support education reform. I think that their undying commitment to education is a clear indication of their dissatisfaction with America’s education system of one-size-fits-all public platform. To this end, kids and parents do not have choice of school since school selections are based on Zip codes.

In 2014 and 2015, the couple’s Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation donated huge resources, which were channeled to Michigan Schools. In 2013, Grand Rapids’ Compass College of Cinematic Arts received $50,000, Big Rapids’ Ferris State University got $100,000 while Dick DeVos’ Alma mater, Northwood University in Midland, was the recipient of $200,000. Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning received $25,000, New Mexico’s Rehoboth Christian School got $50,000 and $315,000 was channeled to West Michigan Aviation Academy. Dick pointed out that they are not advancing any political agenda. This information was originally reported on MLive.

About Dick Devos

Dick Devos is a Michigan-based entrepreneur, a philanthropist and politician. Dick worked as the CEO of Amway, a consumer goods distribution company. In 2006, he vied for a gubernatorial position in Michigan, but lost to Jennifer Granholm. He served on the Michigan State Board of Education, but resigned after two years to go back to his family business, Amway, as the CEO. Dick Devos is an alumnus of Northwood University, Harvard Business School and the Wharton School. He holds honorary doctorates from Central Michigan University, Grove City College, and Northwood University. He managed Orlando Magic after his father acquired the basketball team. Dick owns Windquest Group, an investment management firm that invests in technology and manufacturing sectors. This information was originally published on Wikipedia.