David Osio’s Leadership in Davos Financial Group

The founder and executive director of Davos Financial Group, David Osio, possesses a solid understanding of financial practices in all industries. Before taking up his present role, he obtained a law degree in Venezuela, where he also pursued banking and finance courses. Later on, he served as the Director of a Caracas law firm, MGO. While here, Osio offered legal advice to a couple of corporate clients.


Today, Osio is a holder of a degree in higher education earned from IESA. He also attended New York Institute of Finance to pursue portfolio management and banking. His exemplary experience as a legal adviser and sound knowledge in bank and finance gave him the opportunity to serve in various management positions at Banco Latino International, Miami within the private banking division. It took Osio less than two years to secure the position of vice president of commercial banking.


It was not until 1993 that David Osio decided to work independently, leading to the formation of Davos Financial Group. Davos is a consortium of independent firms dedicated to offering comprehensive financial advice to a select group of clients. The company has witnessed proactive leadership in the hands of Osio, as the CEO. This has not only allowed him to increase the income level of the conglomerate, but also strengthen and grow the boundaries of the business in little time. Through the different independent and fully licensed firms, each within its jurisdictions, Davos Financial Group usually maintains intermediation agreements with reputable banks across the globe. Further, they offer advice on matters such as asset allocation, risk analysis and consolidation of investments, among many others.


In recent years, Davos has expanded its operations via its different firms to maintain offices in New York City, Geneva, Miami, Panama and other areas.


One of the latest developments in Davos Financial Group is the release of a new mobile application – Davos CAP calculator. In a statement released in June 2016 in Miami through PRNewswire, the app was designed to help clients estimate the return on real estate investments they are interested in. The app was developed on the most recent technology platforms and is available on both Android and iPhone devices. The new mobile app is just the start of a series of complementary applications that will have the capacity to identify property using mobile devices, besides forwarding past reports on real estate to agents at Davos via interactive chat. Davos Financial Group perceives the new app as an innovative tool that will make it possible for investors to enjoy a clearer financial vision when buying a property.