Construcap’s Arena Gets Leeds Platinum Certification

Construcap is one of the largest construction companies in Brazil. They offer services in construction, engineering and structured projects. Construcap have built sport stadiums, hospitals, shopping centers, airports and churches.

The Arena Minearo of Construcap which was completed in 2013 has been awarded the Platinum Leed Certification. Leed Certification is given to buildings that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. The Platinum certificate is the highest possible certificate in Leed Certifications rankings. Only one other building, the University of Texas stadium, has received the platinum certification on The certification is administered by a nonprofit known as the US Green Building Council.

There are four Leed Certifications Leed Label, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The certifications are determined by scoring points. The Leed system on considers credits and prerequisites. Credits are elective components that a project may choose to implement while prerequisites are obligatory components that are present in all Leed certified projects. To obtain any Leed certification a project must fulfill all prerequisites and a minimum number of credits on Each credit or prerequisite has a score. The maximum obtainable score is 110 points. Leed label is given to projects 40 points, the Silver for a score of 50, the Gold for a score of 60 and Platinum for a score of 80 and above.

Various criteria such as quality of indoor environments, energy efficiency, material recycling and water usage are considered when awarding the Leed Certification at The Arena Minearo is one of the most environmental friendly stadiums in the world. The stadium has a system for capturing and storing rain water. The rainwater is used in toilets, urinals and for irrigating the football pitch. The tanks have a capacity of five million liters, which is sufficient for 3 months use. Additionally, all taps have time limiters that prevent water wastage.

Arena Minearo’s roof has solar panels that power a photovoltaic power center. The electric system is automated such that the system automatically balances between solar and normal electricity.

The stadium has a waste recycling center that recycles 90 percent of all the waste produced in the stadium. The stadium also gives preferred parking spaces to environmental friendly cars such as hybrids and electric cars.