Clayton Hutson Is One of the Best Production Managers for both Music and Events

The music industry has been active for many years, and every great music requires a talented musician and producer among other professionals for good results. Clayton Hutson is a great production manager who has a great passion for music precisely rock genre and has had a chance to work with numerous musicians and live entertainers. His experiences in the music industry include working as a music producer, sound engineer and tours and events planner for different people and companies such as Kelly Clarkson, Halsey, Kid Rock tour and Soul2Soul tour. According to Clayton, his success in the industry is due to his ability to pay attention to details whereby he predicts the outcome of an event before getting to the venue and then works towards that vision. He also says that working with a trustworthy team is key to success because he can easily delegate some responsibilities and then concentrate on the most crucial ones.


His career has not become successful without challenges, and to him, one must be prepared to face them with confidence. For instance, during the working relationship between Clayton Hutson and Kid Rock, Hutson faced some obstacles working as a stage manager. However, obstacles usually faced during preparation and management of big shows did not hinder Hutson from making Kid Rock’s 2018 American Tour a big success. He said that he first embraced the challenges and then worked towards delivering the big show with a lot of confidence. His ability to handle such a big show may be the reason he was invited to also work on part two of Kid Rock’s 2018 tour. Clayton Hutson and Kid Rock might continue working together for a long time because such a show requires someone who believes in himself and can deliver despite having obstacles here and there.


Clayton Hutson has worked with renowned artists and is glad that these artists embrace technology and other aspects that make their shows exceptional such as incorporating unique stage designs. He works towards being current in terms of technology and other trends in the industry because he knows that getting too comfortable can make one obsolete in the industry.


About Clayton Hutson


Hutson developed a passion for music when he was still young and eventually led to his successful career in the music industry. He graduated with a degree in Theatre Design and Technical Production from Central Michigan University. While in school, he was involved in activities such as events planning, setting up equipment, handling lighting, driving equipment trucks and carrying out different audio duties. After school, has been actively involved in the music and events industry and has proven to be successful being trusted by many artists and companies. Learn more: