Chris Burch : The death of the “brand”

Are copycats bringing the end of the “brand”? Chris Burch sure thinks so; Burch was the co-founder of Tory Burch clothing line, the company named after his ex-wife Tory. Along with the divorce came his decision to sell off his 23% of the company. Chris Burch would then go on to open his “revenge line” named C.Wonder, which company would too be sold after a lengthy lawsuit by his wide and the company due to the claim of C.Wonder essentially just being a rip off of Tory Burch’s design style. Chris Burch today invests in multiple companies, some he plays a big role in and others not so much, however, Chris Burch’s investments have no doubt paid off, see (

In a sit-down interview, Chris Burch goes in depth about his theory regarding the death of the “brand”. Chris Burch addresses the abundance of copycats in the market, “everyone saying I want to be the Uber of this or that”. In addition, Burch comments on how the loss of loyalty is adding to this, the “smaller brands” like Zara will not be able to compete in terms of loyalty, “nobody is proud to say I got it at Zara” Burch exclaims. Some giant companies like Gucci or Louis Vuitton will do just fine Burch comments.


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Some of my first Eagles Eye sweaters. Made in Scotland by hand. My first company.

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So, what should investors and companies focus on to compete and stay on top? Chris Burch tells us that the experience is what’s going to keep a company alive. Nihiwatu, an Indonesian resort owned by Burch is an example of his theory. He spoke about the fact that the resort is doing so well because they offer an incredible experience for their guest, so much so that they are planning to open up more locations in the near future, learn more information on

His message to the world. be intense! Don’t dance around your decisions or sleep when you know you have something to do. A quick decision with a few mistakes is better than a slow or non-existent decision, visit