Chris Burch, an All Round Entrepreneur

Until 2012, Chris Burch has been founding and co-founding some of the well-known international brands. He has been investing in many fields before diverting to the hospitality industry.

In partnership with hotelier James McBride, they bought a beach hostel owned by a couple from New Jersey on the Indonesian Island of Sumba. The two renovated the hostel into a five star resort with a world class comfort and luxury from when they bought it in 2012 and came to be completed in 2015 operating it by the name Nihiwatu.  More to read about resort in this link on

For Chris, he was building something for his children to be benefiting from and did not expect much from it. He also bought it to be able to give back to the community. The award from leisure and travel being rated as the best resort in the world was mind blowing to him. To learn more about his latest cool offering to the market, hit on

The resort offers personalized services to its guests that are either offered at service joints or in the villas. Other services such as surfing and excursions which are not included in guests’ packages are paid for at an extra cost by guests.

In addition, Chris avails his own private home for hire at a given fee per night. The home has a main house and an additional four villas.

The resort has created many jobs for the local community and this is one of the benefits that the resort has brought to them. It has also benefited those surrounding it such as other resorts and Safari companies which get guests from the resorts seeking their services.

Chris and his partner have a project to expand to Nicaragua and Costa Rica. They want to create more resorts that millennial travelers will have easy access to. These resorts will have their own special features depending on the upheld values of the communities around.

As an entrepreneur and an investor, Chris has taught other investors on how to be productive in work rather than only getting it done. He has shared on many tips to be followed in order to ensure productivity consistency.  To further know details about him and his works, check on this.

Chris has also taught those in the management level on the mistakes they make that prevents them from being promoted. He has taught them on how to avoid such mistakes and also how to prevent them from happening. The advice he gives come from his own experience of many years and his diverse knowledge in the world of business.  More of the entrepreneur’s view on business related matters on

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