Richard Liu Qiangdong the Face behind

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the chief executive officer of one of China’s largest e-retailing platforms known as According to recent statistics by Forbes Magazine, Liu’s net worth is estimated at $11 billion while his company is worth $57.6 billion. Among the significant shareholders of is Walmart which has increased its share stake to […]

The Background of Krishen Iyer

Krishen Iyer also emphasizes the importance of building brand consciousness, as well as helping potential customers and helping them to sell. Because people who ask for intelligent equipment rarely go back to their digital actions to fix a bug or to determine another brand. The meaning of having an unforgettable brand is a key element […]

James Dondero’s Investment in Argentina’s Sovereign Debt

The country of Argentina has experienced hyperinflation due to the economy’s energy sector, among other factors. The currencies of Latin America have not been stable. Much of the Latin population has left the country, while some countries have shown great investment potential. President Macri has been working to counteract populist policies. These policies have kept […]

An In-depth Analysis of Professionals Likely to Succeed Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the Outgoing CEO of Banco Bradesco SA

Looking at a list of professionals, compiled by Bloomberg, likely to succeed the outgoing CEO of Banco Bradesco SA, one thing is clear: Bradesco is not looking beyond its talent pool in its quest to identify a new president. The list includes the names of heads of departments and subsidiaries. They include Mauricio Machado de […]