The Fact About CEO Rick Smith Securus

Rick Smith Securus has been on the leading front as far are the matters that are related to the invention and innovation are concerned. His skills have contributed a lot to the transformation of the society. Currently, he is the person who is holding the post of the CEO at the Securus Technologies. The company […]

Malcolm Casselle’s Rise To Prominence

WAX or Wordwide Asset Exchange has a lot to be thankful for when you think of Malcolm Casselle. The crytocurrency movement has been booming lately and WAX is right on top of the game during this amazing run. With Malcolm Cassell running the show, what’s called the “Token Generation Event” ended up selling over $80 […]

James Dondero on Charitable Works

James is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, one of the largest investment firms based in Dallas. James is a proactive philanthropist with managerial experience. Dondero’s passion for charity drives his proactive management approach to charitable giving. With his global business platform, James invests in giving back to society. James and his team […]