Catchup on Doe Deere’s Interview with Ideamensch

Xenia Vorotova, commonly known as Doe Deere or the queen of unicorns, is the mother of your favorite lipstick brand, Lime Crime. If you ever come across, she will probably be wearing a bright pink, blue or purple weave to match her very bright makeup. She sparks controversy wherever she goes and so we were really excited when we got hold of her success story which she shared with Ideamensh in the year 2015.



Deere Started Lime Crime back in the year 2004. The name Lime Crime were a true representation of her makeup products that are densely pigmented that wearing them might pose as a crime. To Deere, makeup should not just be used as a means to hide one’s flows. They should be a representation of who you are. Being as bold as she is, she had always loved bright makeup and when it struck her that she could commercialize her passion, she never looked back.



Xenia started Lime Crime only as an EBay account. Four years later, in the year 200, she launched it as a company. When she started, she talked of how so many people discouraged her. They said that she wouldn’t be successful selling her lipsticks online. Besides, women will only buy beauty products if they have seen it on the real. But, Deere being determined couldn’t just give up. So, she came up with an idea to use on-lip swatches.



During the interview, Deere also said that her business has not been without challenges. She told Ideamensch that in the year 2014, her company website had been stolen and sensitive customer information had been stolen. This was a major setback because her customers had a hard time trusting the company. It really took a lot of money, time, effort and training to the customers in order to get things back to order.



Other than running a successful beauty products company, Deere is great on philanthropy. She is a huge advocator for animal rights and regularly donates to the Bide-A-Wee, a shelter for rehabilitating dogs and cats that have been abandoned. Other than that, Deere is an active public speaker. You will mostly find her in conferences touching on topics of women empowerment. Nothing pleases her more than seeing other women be empowered economically.


Doe Deere continues to expand her business and will continue to keep things controversial, as usual.