Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Offer Custom Cancer CareTreatments

Cancer Treatment Centers Of America(CTCA) have recently partnered with the popular medical website “WebMD” to offer an informational resource page listing helpful facts about the different options for treatment of all types of cancer. Listed on the page are facts for each type of cancer and the different treatment options for each type. CTCA also has information on the importance of getting a second option on the type and stage of cancer that was diagnosed. And why it’s important to see a cancer specialist for a treatment plan. This web page has a downloadable fact sheet about each type of cancer, a fact sheet on how cancer cells fool the body into thinking that the cancer cells are harmless, and facts about self care during cancer treatment. There are links on the page that can take readers to the CTCA homepage, where they will find out how to get started creating a cancer care treatment plan just right for their personal situation.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is based in Boca Eaton, Florida, and has five CTCA hospitals across the nation in other cities: Tulsa, Philadelphia, Chicago, Phoenix, and Atlanta. CTCA has been awarded numerous accreditations that show they offer the best in care and safety standards for their patients. CTCA takes pride in patient care and treats the whole patient, not just the cancer. CTCA offers a comprehensive, custom treatment plan that extends past traditional cancer treatment. This plan features supportive therapies to help manage treatment side-effects such as: fatigue, nausea, depression, and trouble eating. CTCA also offers counselors and spiritual support for those who need it. After cancer treatment is finished at CTCA patients will be offered aftercare, which is standard practice for all the CTCA facilities. With the recent addition of the Clinical Pathways software, patients have an even greater control and decision making powers as the software allows the doctor and patient to work together and choose the right treatment option for their cancer care. To read more about Cancer Treatment Centers of America and their award winning patient care, please click the link here.

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