Brian Torchin is Providing Services for Health Care Professionals

Brian Torchin is a healthcare professional that serves as president at Health Care Recruitment Counselors, which is a healthcare staffing firm that focuses on providing employment to healthcare professionals.

Torchin and his team provide consultation for professionals looking for work, and healthcare companies hiring employees. Learn more about more Brian Torchin:

Over the years Torchin has served health sectors in multiple enterprises, organizations, and private practices. “As hospitals work to integrate their services, shrink their total cost of care, raise patient satisfaction and drop their readmissions, employing or aligning with physicians of all specialties are in hospitals’ sights,” wrote Torchin in a blog post.

With his experience in health consultation and direction, Brian Torchin has played a key role for clients and patients to receive a fast efficient solution to their healthcare needs. Torchin, and the Health Care Recruitment Counselors have been offering practices with assistance in hiring qualified assistants, therapists and other openings.

Health Care Recruitment Counselors staffing also provide consulting, background checks and staff training for their clients. Torchin states, “The biggest challenge is having the ability to find staff quickly…and every week or day without medical staff you’re not billing and that translates to thousands and thousands of dollars…my company, provides a very fast and efficient approach, generally able to find candidates within 48 hours.”

According to Glassdoor, aside from the services Brian Torchin and Health Care Recruitment Counselors provide, Brian has been consistently publishing articles about the process of producing online marketing, employing a physician assistant or nurse practitioner, and the top interviewing techniques to hire quality employees.

The passionate focus of Brian Torchin to provide healthcare staffing is now available throughout the entire nation as well as Australia and Canada.