David McDonald, President, and COO of OSI Group

     David McDonald is an entrepreneur and a leader of a multinational food processing company. The Iowa State University alumnus is a recipient of a Bachelor of Animal Science degree and a Wallace Barron Outstanding Senior Award. Mr. McDonald joined OSI Group, LLC immediately after graduating from the University in 1987, working himself up the […]

Omar Yunes Wins BFW Competition

The Best Franchisee of the World Competition is an international event that takes place every year. The competition encourages project Franchising Managers from all over the world to motivate and reward those who consistently work to employ companies and businesses in the best way possible. The overall main goal and reason for franchisee’s wanting to […]

Lime Crime and a Special Woman

Doe Deere – Getting to Know Her   You simply can’t miss that beautiful purple hair, or perhaps it’s pink now? We cannot keep up. Doe Deere, also called the Queen of all Unicorns, is currently sharing her makeup passion advice and love for all rainbow colors through her highly successful cosmetics brand – Lime […]

How Julia Jackson Advocates For Women

Julia Jackson is the spokesperson for her family’s wine brand, Jackson Family Wines. Their winery is located in Sonoma valley and has several varieties of wine. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art. She also has a certificate in General Management which she earned at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She first became […]

How EOS Got On The Map

Chapstick was the world leader when it came to the lip balm industry for over a century. When people thought about a lip balm, Chapstick was the first name that came to their minds. It seemed liked the lip balm industry was an industry that was impossible to change. Evolution Of Smooth is the lip […]

The Importance of Bruce Bent II

In today’s volatile economy, it remains pertinent for everyone to consider additional income streams. In particular, it remains important for investors to consider different avenues to invest in. With that being said, investors may want to consider investing in mutual funds. For those unaware, mutual funds pertain to a form of investment that uses short-term […]