Acquisitions Continue for Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies continued its acquisition of subsidiaries in January of 2018 by agreeing to purchase leading government debit and credit payment processor, GovPayNet. This will provide Securus with the advanced capability to provide processing for over 4 million payments per year, making it perhaps the largest provider of its kind in the country. With the move, GovPayNet will continue to operate per the usual, with Mark MacKenzie still leading the company as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The Indianapolis-based company provides payment processing to over 2,300 agencies, covering over 26% of counties in the United States. Types of payments that the company processes include traffic and criminal fines, personal and property taxes, government fees, and bail payments. GovPayNet has been in operation since 1997.


Securus Technologies provides telecommunication, email, video, and commissary account services to over 1.2 million inmates in over 3,500 corrections facilities in North America. They also provide those agencies with payment processing, educational services, inmate and parolee tracking services, biometric analysis, and a host of other technology-based services. it operates as a holding company for over 20 different subsidiaries to include, JPay, JobView, T-Netix, Archonix Systems, CellBlox, Cara Clinicals, Voice Analytics, Telerus, and many others. The Chief Operating Officer and President is Robert “Bob” Pickens, who plays a vital role in acquisitions such as this one. The company’s headquarters are in Dallas, Texas and they operate in three other regional offices in both Texas and Georgia, where they employee of 1,000 people.