Chris Burch : The death of the “brand”

Are copycats bringing the end of the “brand”? Chris Burch sure thinks so; Burch was the co-founder of Tory Burch clothing line, the company named after his ex-wife Tory. Along with the divorce came his decision to sell off his 23% of the company. Chris Burch would then go on to open his “revenge line” […]

Marathon Pharmaceuticals Produces ZiNGO, a Needle-free Anesthetic Product

Marathon Pharmaceuticals released an easy to use, needle-free product to manage venous pains in patients. The product’s chemical name is lidocaine hydrochloride monohydrate, but its brand name is ZiNGO.Its a powdered product applied through the skin to numb the area of operation. The US-based Biopharmaceutical Company with headquarters in Northbrook, Illinois, and offices in New […]

Jeff Aronin, an Influential Leader

Jeff Aronin is much more than just the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Paragon Biosciences; he is an entrepreneur, an investor, and a humanitarian whose has made it his life mission to almost single-handily create drug treatments, bring it to market, and deliver it to those in need of it. In order to achieve […]

Peter Briger, the executive behind Fortress Investment Group’s Achievements

Fortress Investment Group is one of the prominent investment consultancies around the world. The conglomerate brags of managing assets worth hundreds of billions for 1750 high net worth individuals, and venture companies. But, who is the executive behind the achievements of this investment management firm? Fortress Investment Group’s accomplishment can be accredited to Mr. Briger, […]

The work of Devos Family

The purpose of our existence is to influence the world and make it a better place. Many live lives that have no influence or any charismatic things that can make them better people, they do not push themselves beyond their limits instead chose to stay complacent. But this is different according to Mr. Devos who […]

Felipe Montoro Jens Is Making Noble Attempts To Revive Brazil

The rise and fall of any country hinges entirely upon their willingness to bolster their nation. Brazil is an excellent example of the adverse effects negligence can wreak on an economy. Unfortunately, Brazil’s shocking disregard for their waning economy has prompted industry specialists and organizations to interfere. In the hopes of striking a chord with […]