The contribution of Eli Gershkovitch to the Canadian Craft Beer as the CEO of Steamworks Craft Breweries.

Canadians have a special adoration for beers. They have numerous breweries namely Banff Ave. Brewing Co., ‘A’ Frame Brewing Co., Bad Tattoo Brewing, Black Kettle Brewing Co., Fat Cat Beer Co. among others. These companies produce beer types such as Propeller London Style Porter, St-Ambroise Pumpkin Ale, Maudite, Red Racer IPA etc. all the beers […]

Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Offer Custom Cancer CareTreatments

Cancer Treatment Centers Of America(CTCA) have recently partnered with the popular medical website “WebMD” to offer an informational resource page listing helpful facts about the different options for treatment of all types of cancer. Listed on the page are facts for each type of cancer and the different treatment options for each type. CTCA also […]

Sujit Choudhry Holds A Roundtable To Discuss Democratic Deconsolidation In Hungary And Poland

Three constitutional experts convened a roundtable to discuss the situation in the countries of Hungary and Poland. Both had authoritarian governments when they were under the thumb of the Soviet Union. When that collapsed they both became much more democratic in nature. In recent years, though, both of these nations have slid back into authoritarianism. […]

An In-depth Analysis of Professionals Likely to Succeed Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the Outgoing CEO of Banco Bradesco SA

Looking at a list of professionals, compiled by Bloomberg, likely to succeed the outgoing CEO of Banco Bradesco SA, one thing is clear: Bradesco is not looking beyond its talent pool in its quest to identify a new president. The list includes the names of heads of departments and subsidiaries. They include Mauricio Machado de […]