Chris Burch, an All Round Entrepreneur

Until 2012, Chris Burch has been founding and co-founding some of the well-known international brands. He has been investing in many fields before diverting to the hospitality industry. In partnership with hotelier James McBride, they bought a beach hostel owned by a couple from New Jersey on the Indonesian Island of Sumba. The two renovated […]

Tony Petrello Has Succeeded

Tony Petrello was your typical geek of the 1970’s. He was tall. He was skinny. He was a loud-mouthed kid who often talked far too long on a topic with far too much depth. To make matters worse, he was a whiz kid at math. That must have gotten him a few dunks in some […]

Gregory James Aziz, the Railroad Car Maker

Gregory James Aziz is the current National Steel Car CEO, Chairman, and President. National Steel car is among the leading companies in the world that specializes in railroad cargo car manufacturing and engineering. The company’s headquarters are in Hamilton, Ontario. Gregory J. Aziz was born on 30th April 1949 in London, Ontario. Aziz took his […]

Sujit Choudhry, The Scholar of Law and Politics

Sujit Choudhry is a notable person in the world for many reasons. First, he is a professor of law in different universities. The professor has taught in several universities such as the University of California and New York University. In the University of California, he was the Dean. He studied law in Harvard School of […]

Netpicks: Learn To Trade

In today’s business world one of the best things to fully understand how to do is to trade. When many people think about trading they think about retirement, but there are millions of people that trade for more short-term profit. There are even so-called “day traders” that make trades that last a day. Many people […]