Richard Blair Offers His Financial Expertise

Author Hackronym describes the risks that come with renting part of or the entirety of your home on Airbnb, and how Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions can assist in evaluating and preparing for that situation. The first risk to consider when renting your home is to be cautious of the tenants that may cause you […]

Shaygan Kheradpir Will Now Be Setting The Direction For Coriant

Coriant Technologies is a major networking player that offers solutions for mobile connectivity and optical technologies, using advanced routing and transport platforms. Their network devices are made for long-distance transmissions and cloud connectivity. They have built some of the best-in-class data center operations and software-defined networking technologies, and to expand their base of clients looking […]

What You Need to Know about SEC Whistleblower Attorneys

The Securities and Exchange Commission has beefed up plans to enforce laws meant to protect investors. It has adopted a whistleblower program under Dodd-Frank Act section 922 meant to reward individuals who give tips on fraud and other business malpractices. Individuals are required to voluntarily provide information, which will lead to successful prosecution. This means […]

How the SEC Whistleblower Program is Pushing for a Culture of Integrity

A SEC whistleblower is an individual who shares important information about federal securities violation. The SEC Whistleblower Program has advanced the role of whistle-blowers and has helped to broaden the search for facts regarding the integrity of employers and companies. The program was added to the Consumer Protection Act in 2010 when a Dodd-Frank amendment […]

Stephen Murray: A Life Well Lived

In today’s day and age, we all want to look back on our lives and be proud of what we accomplished. Stephen Murray, sadly, is no longer with us and that is a true shame. He was one of those rare individuals that really made the most out of the life and we all know […]

ClassDojo: An End to Parent-Teacher Conferences?

With all the new technology we experience daily it’s a wonder we still haven’t updated the dreaded parent teacher conference. The once a semester meeting seems to have been around since the dawn of time and yet it still doesn’t seem to help much in terms of child development and improvement from the home-end. ClassDojo […]

Vital Information on Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare Advantage is a health insurance program, which serves as a substitute for “Original Medicare” Parts A and B Medicare benefits. The Medicare part A delivers payments to physicians and surgeons and for medically necessary outpatient hospital services, for instance, the laboratory, X-rays, ER and the diagnostic tests. Also, they offer payment for certain durable […]