FreedomPop Is Releasing Its Own Hotspot

The hotspot that FreedomPop has come out with is called the SIM, and it is going to work in the US and UK according to Recode. The original article says that people can buy the hotspot today for $49.99, and they will be able to buy that hotspot for $99.99 after the original sale. The […]

Releasing of Sensitive Information

Recently, someone has experienced something that has brought a lot of damage to his career. His personal information was discovered by a troll and leaked it online so that other people could harass him. As a result, he was subject to harassment offline as well as online. Online harassment is bad enough as it is. […]

Making Wise Rental Investment Decisions with Help

Many homeowners as well as business owners are choosing to supplement their income by renting out rooms in their homes or place of business to other people. These rentals can be home-based for people who will be living at the location or they may even be business-related for those who are renting a location to […]

Chaz Dean’s Wen Products Prove Beneficial

In an article online, one young woman puts a popular Hollywood product to the grad, hoping to transform her hair. With normally thin hair, she was looking for some volume and overall better hair health. When she heard about Wen hair by Chaz Dean (, she was intrigued by the popularity, good reviews and frequency […]

QNET Is Commited To Serving A Higher Purpose

QNET is a relatively new competitor and a very tough direct selling Market. They are completely different than any other direct selling marketing business than I have ever seen. They have been in business for about 16 years and are considered the new kid on the block. QNET was the brainchild of a group of […]

What Has Keith Mann Done For Students?

People who live in poverty often see a dreadful cycle. Their parents lived in poverty, they live in poverty, and their children will grow up in poverty as well. This is often the result of several factors, including crime and the fact that many people settle for where there are, thinking that there is no […]