Succeeding Entrepreneurship with Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando is a unique businessman and investor. The uniqueness comes from the way he hires his employees and from the way he implements his business strategies. Unlike other business people, he can be found on several social media platforms where he actively keeps his followers with his latest inventions and innovations. Raj Fernando can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Twitter. Raj employs a unique strategy in hiring his employees. In Chopper Trading, he would target long-term employees who would retire at the firm. He did not go with the current method of having several graduate trainees and choosing the best at the end of the day. Instead, he went for the promising ones from the start and training them all through.

Raj Fernando is well known for his role with Chopper Trading Company. He was the co-founder and the chief executive officer of this firm. He later sold this company to another company called DRW Trading Group. The two firms operate from Chicago, Illinois. He was very successful while working with Chopper Trading Company as the firm managed to employ over 250 people and trade on well-known platforms such as ICAP-Broketek and Cantor Fitzgerald –espeed. He also traded with LSE, NASDAQ, and CME.

Raj Fernando has always been determined to succeed since his days in college. To show his determination, he took a volunteer position at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange where he gained some valuable experience. He then proceeded to the Chicago Board of Trade where he spent 10 years before venturing out on his own. It’s after his time at the Chicago Board of Trading that he decided to establish the Chopper Trading. In his years as a businessman, Raj has always supported the US Commodity Trading Futures Commission. He does this by ensuring that he stands for an open, competitive and transparent market. He also features in some of the commission’s discussion about various issues.

After selling the Chopper Trading Company, Raj decided to establish another company known as the Scoutahead. He has retained the position of chief executive officer. Other than business, he is also involved in charity organizations and giving back to the community.

The Kabbalah Centre Consistent Growth from Since Its Foundation

The Kabbalah Centre was founded by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922. Today Kabbalah Centre is the leading international organization that is committed to the Kabbalah wisdom distribution. The principle mission of Kabbalah Centre is to impact people with wisdom and tools that help in improving livelihoods and eradicate chaos from the world.

Rav Yehuda Ashlag was succeeded by his student Rav Yehuda Brandwein in his great work of establishing the Kabbalah. Rav Brandwein later passed the Kabbalah mantle to Kabbalist Rav Berg who has for a very long time worked as the Centers Director alongside, Karen his wife and their sons.

The Kabbalah Centre teachings are founded from the Zohar and the great Kabbalists writings. The Kabbalistic wisdom is decoded from the Bible within the Torah on the universal spiritual systems and mysteries. The Kabbalah is popularly known as that community that is very supportive. The Centre offers the best environment for its students to develop relationships with different people, exchange ideas and grow spiritually.

The Centre is a recognized source of the Wisdom of Kabbalah. It is currently serving in over fifty locations across the world. Over 5, 000 people meet for Kabbalistic Wisdom studies every week. From the Kabbalah center, one can be directed to the physical locations and guidance to online learning that offers; the books, CD’s and DVD’s, Lectures and books.

The founders and directors of Kabbalah believe that one should share in ways that improves the lives of people in the world permanently to satisfy their souls.

The Kabbalah Centre has established a Volunteer program which forms the foundation of the entire organization. The program helps to offer safe and frameworks that are organized to help the student discover the fulfillment that comes with giving and sharing of themselves.

The organization has been receiving tremendous growth since its foundation in the Jewish Community, development in the United States and now to the whole world.

FreedomPop Has Years Of Great Service Under Their Belt

Nothing delights FreedomPop more than knowing that they’ve been able to bring in a lot of customers from other high-priced cell phone carriers, especially since wireless service fees are lower in price than ever. Many feel like they still have to pay $100 or more for their unlimited cell phone service plan, but why is it that many don’t know that FreedomPop has unlimited cell phone service that is only a fraction of what they might be paying to another carrier? Why dish out $100 per month when only $20 per month is necessary for the same exact service with FreedomPop?

When FreedomPop began years ago, their goal was simply to give customers great wireless service at a low cost, and they’ve been able to keep on this same mission several years later. FreedomPop has made their company so much better because they now have incorporated the use of GSM phones, and this is significant because only CDMA phones from Sprint were able to be used with the FreedomPop service. Since GSM phones that are unlocked can now be used with FreedomPop, many more customers have been making FreedomPop their wireless company of choice.

Choosing FreedomPop is easy enough, but FreedomPop does have a lot of choices when it comes to their services. Along with some great cell phone services, Internet service is provided by FreedomPop too. Mini hotspots that are portable in size are available from FreedomPop, and these hotspots can obtain Wi-Fi service for anyone who has the need for it when they are outside of their home. These mini hotspots will be eligible to receive 500 MB of data each month free of charge, but the user will also need to pick a service plan for the portable hotspot.

The Wi-Fi service that FreedomPop introduced some time ago has become more popular than ever, especially since there are over 10 million hotspots now available. Sign up for the FreedomPop application after it’s downloaded from an app store, and pay a five dollar fee to get the Wi-Fi service started. The Wi-Fi service is completely unlimited and has 4G LTE speeds and can be used for the an entire month. Also, FreedomPop has home Internet service that accompanies the FreedomPop Hub, which also has Wi-Fi capabilities with an allowance of up to eight different devices on the Wi-Fi at a single time. There’s also 1 GB of free data for the home service too.

Mike Baur and the Swiss Start Up Factory Groom New Entrepreneurs

Startup businesses do not always have an easy path to success. In fact, entrepreneurs who launch startups have a tendency to falter, fumble, and fail. A few startups do succeed and succeed exceptionally. The approach the entrepreneur takes, among other factors, plays a role in whether or not success is attainable. Those who acquire the right helps an assistance may be able to overcome hurdles and travel a smooth path to success. Mike Baur and the Swiss Start Up Factory could be a very beneficial source of help.


The Swiss Start Up Factory has crafted an “accelerator” program for those who want their endeavors to become the next big thing in the startup world. The accelerator program is designed to do exactly what its name implies. The goal is to help people take a basic idea and flesh it out into a workable concept. Eventually, the startup can actually start and do so on good footing.


Mentor sessions are a large part of the accelerator phase. Collaboration with others plays another role in the process. First-time entrepreneurs who are attempting to launch a startup may be at a loss about what to do or how to go about things. The Swiss Start Up Factory fills in some blanks.


The Swiss Start Up Factory focuses mainly on digital entrepreneurs and startups. The dynamic and volatile nature of the digital industry requires a deliberate and careful approach in order to succeed.


The Swiss Start Up Factory has developed a very well-thought out program. Mike Baur, the guiding mind behind the company, is owed a lot of credit for what the Factory can do.


Mike Baur handles all the tasks related to raising funds and financing the Swiss Start Up Factory. A reliable source of capital is required in order for the company to assist those interested in mentorship and learning. Mike Baur has been able to raise enough funds to make the Factory a reality.


Two decades of experience in the financial world has instilled Mike Baur with the knowledge necessary to handle these tasks. Expert management and capital acquisition keeps unique companies afloat and thriving. Mike Baur has displayed his ability to keep the Swiss Start Up Factory thriving.


If the Factory thrives then so might a great many digital entrepreneurs who enroll in its program. The future of the digital industry may shine bright when many skilled entrepreneurs groomed for the industry debut their new products and companies.


Finance Reform in a Globalized World

Finances are the bread and butter of corporations. The world operates on how much money companies produce and what they can provide for the economies that they are directly linked to. This is why overhead costs and calculations on profit and loss are important in the life and death of businesses the world over. Those that can correctly correlate good opportunities for capital gain are the ones that have a long life, while others that fail to do so due to disorganization or lack of a decent structure often times fall in to ruin and never recover. One such company, a real estate firm located in Florida, Davos Real Estate, has recently developed an advanced means to calculate these financial high and low points. The new software program introduced by David Osio into his company has allowed them to progressively move forward with capital movement to their company earnings, and helps to differentiate real estate property worth cycles and dips in the current market.

Davos Real Estate is the brainchild of David Osio, a native of Venezuela who came to the United States seeking a chance to make some valuable international connections in the form of trade. Since he has strong cultural roots in South America Osio can adequately see different perspectives on life style, allowing him to offer excellent customer experiences to his Latin American customer base. This is an important feature in an American company, especially in a quickly changing market that has seen an upsurge in diversity due to globalization.

Osio sees the importance in maintaining strong ties to his homeland and the United States, seeing an influx in Latin American migrants into America and trying to meet their housing needs in a failing economy. Osio is able to empathize with these individuals and can put himself in their shoes in order to help give them the best housing deals that he possibly can.

In a nation where Latin Americans are often forgotten or down played, Davis Osio and his company, Davos Real Estate, is offering a chance to make a difference for generations to come. High quality housing is the foundation of success in not only the United States but also in other countries as well. The house is the base of the family, the headquarters in which decisions are made and integrated into everyday life. Thanks to this new calculations software this support continues.

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Newly Appointed Chairman of Reno-Tahoe Airport Board, Andy Wirth, Keen to Revamp the Airport

The Reno-Tahoe Airport Board has a fresh look after adding three new members to the board and appointing a new chair. Jenifer Rose, Lisa Gianoli, and Jessica Sferrazza took seats as new board members while Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort was appointed the chairman of the board. The news was received with optimism and expectation as stakeholders were familiar with Andy’s track record.

Andy who was appointed by the RSCVA Board in 2013 was thrilled with the new additions to the board stating that adding fresh faces was a step in the right direction to enhancing air travel in the region. He added that the newly appointed members were both talented and experienced and would bring new ideas to help elevate the airport to a higher level.

In his statement after being appointed the chair, Mr. Wirth touched on the importance of the airport and air service as a gateway to enhancing the economic development of the region. “Attracting more flights to the region results in more trade in the region. Visitors will visit gaming and Ski resorts as well as the business communities.” He stated. Andy also expressed his honor at the board for placing faith in him to lead them as the chair and vowed to work with them to enhance air travel service to the region.

Wirth was the ideal candidate to take up the position as chair as his reputation preceded him. He played a major role in the restructuring of airports and air travel services for major leisure facilities and communities across the country and Canada. His most recent work among other high profile roles in making establishing regional air connections included establishing air services between Reno-Tahoe International Airport and JFK Airport using JetBlue services.

Besides excelling at his job in the airport’s board, Andy is a business leader and a visionary. He is the CEO of Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, which was voted the best Ski Resort in America in 2016 by USA Today. The Ski resort is an internationally recognized facility that offers over 6,000 skiable acres. The resort features over 60 bars and features year round events. The mountain resort is blessed with an annual average of 450 inches of snowfall with 300 inches in the summers.

Doe Deere and the Rise of Lime Crime

Cosmetic brands come in a variety of different types and Styles as well as the quality of the Cosmetics that you are purchasing from any type of company out there. The problem that a lot of people have when choosing Cosmetics is that they cannot trust the ingredients put into each product and they also may not know very much about the brand and so they don’t feel confident using it themselves. This is what makes the brand known as Lime Crime a lot different than anything you have probably seen in the past. This company is owned by a woman named Doe Deere and she has taken it upon herself to grow this amazing company to what you see today.

The reason Doe Deere is so popular for her brand of Cosmetics is because of the fact that each product is totally vegan as well as being cruelty free. These are two key points that a lot of people are now looking for when putting Cosmetics on their skin because they want to feel like they are giving back to the Earth as opposed to taking away from it just to look good. When you use Lime Crime, you can feel confident that each and every product is totally vegan and is completely good for your skin because of the fact that the ingredients are more natural in nature. Lots of people are actually switching to this brand from some of the more harsh Cosmetics out there that use animal products in their ingredient lists.

Not only is Lime Crime passionate about the quality of their ingredients, but Doe Deere has put her mark on the industry by offering amazing products that have great colors you will actually enjoy wearing. This means that you can buy just about any color and palate that you would like in order to look your very best at all times. You will absolutely love the colors that you find in this particular brand because it allows you to truly make a look that is uniquely your own. Also, the price that you pay for Doe Deere and her Cosmetics is actually quite affordable and can be easy for your budget.

It might be a good idea for you to learn more about Doe Deere and her company by visiting her on social media or just going to her website so you can browse the different cosmetic she has available at the moment. She is continually changing out cosmetics and bringing in brand new items that she knows people are absolutely going to love and this is definitely something to consider for yourself if you are sick and tired of using Cosmetics that are harsh on your skin.

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New Zealand and Geoff Cone Taxes

Recently, people have been moving to New Zealand by droves. They think that they will be able to live in a beautiful country that has a lot to offer people and that is able to satisfy their tax-free needs no matter where they are at in the country or what they want to be able to do while they are there.

While New Zealand is a great country for people who have done different things, it is not the tax haven that people seem to think that it is. It is a country that does have taxes and this is where disappointment comes for many people who have moved there thinking that they will not need to pay taxes once they get there. They know that it is important to be able to move to different areas and this is something that many people want to make sure that they are able to do when they move to New Zealand.

There are a lot of countries that are tax-free. These countries are referred to as tax havens and this means that people will not have to pay any taxes when they are living in the countries. They know that they will be able to do different things when they are in the country and that they are able to get what they want from the country. There are also several options that people can choose from when they are living in the countries to help them lower their taxes even further so that they don’t need to worry about spending unnecessary money.

While New Zealand does not have the tax haven that most people are wanting, it does have a level of transparency that most other countries are not even able to rival. The country lets people know what they are paying for and why they are paying it. They can help people to have a better understanding of their taxes and the way that they work. They will also tell people what they need to pay on a yearly basis because of the way that things are going in the country. It can make a big difference in the way that things are done for people of New Zealand.

There are always ways that people can benefit from moving to different countries and Geoff Cone knows that. As a native of New Zealand, he knows that the country is a great place. As someone who lives in a tax haven, he also knows that there are many benefits to moving to a tax haven where there are no taxes. He wants to help people make the right decision about where they are going to live and this means that he works as an attorney for them.

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PR Firm Ranked Among The Fastest Growing Companies In The United States

Status Labs, the digital reputation management, PR and marketing company is named as one of the fastest growing firms in America. The distinction was achieved after the publication of the latest ranking of the Inc. 500. According to the ranking, Status Labs is 339th on the list of 500 fastest growing companies in America. The fast growth is reflected by the amazing increase of nearly 1099 percent in the three years between 2012 and 2015.


The growth was spurred by its CEO Darius Fisher, who was instrumental in creating new digital product offerings that proved useful for a large number of executives from the Fortune 500 firms. When asked about the achievement, Darius explained that the success can be attributed to the integration of SEO, marketing, PR with digital reputation management. He was also optimistic regarding the future of his company as he expects substantial growth in the coming years.


It is notable that the Inc. 500 list represents an important segment of the American society – its entrepreneurs. Companies such as LinkedIn, Yelp, Domino’s Pizza and Zillow were started by these entrepreneurs. In fact, all of these well-known names gained early exposure in the Inc. 500 list. Hopefully, Status Labs will also join these companies in the near future.


About Status Labs


 Status Labs is a digital reputation management company that also provides public relations, SEO and marketing services to its clients. It has offices in Atlanta, New York and Sao Paulo. Currently, the company serves more than 1,400 high-profile clients from nearly 40 countries around the world.


In recent years, the growth of the company was profiled by major publications that includes New York Times, New York Post, US News & World Report, The Daily Beast, Observer and DuJour Magazine, among others. In fact, the CEO of the company, Darius Fisher is also named as one of the most inspiring leaders. For instance, Darius recently received the Gold reward by PR World and named as the Business Development Individual of the Year. Previously, he was also awarded the prestigious Innovation 50 Award, which showcases innovation under a high ranked officer of a company.

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Adam Milstein Works Hard to Improve the State of His Jewish People

According to an article originally published on BusinessWire, Adam Milstein was honored as one of the top 50 Jewish figures to impact the world today and that have a potential to impact the world tomorrow. This award is given annually by the Jerusalem Post. Adam Milstein says that he is very humbled by the award that recognized others including United States Senator Charles Schumer, Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Associate Justice Elena Kagan. Also making the list were Sheldon Adelson, Haim Saban, Ron Lauder, Lynn Schusterman and Matthew Brohfman. Not surprisingly, Prime Minister Benjamin Neranyahu tops the list. The newspaper arrived at the list using a four person committee from their own staff.

Adam was recognized for many different things including his creation of the Israel-American Council. This organization was originally formed in 2007 by 80 Jewish American California business people, including Adam, to show support for Israel during the Second Lebanon War. One of the first acts of this organization was to raise funds to put computers in schools in Sderot, Israel. Adam is now the chairman of this group that has 10 regional offices and has members living in 27 different states.

Adam and his wife operate their own foundation that regularly supports Jewish organizations in America. Unlike many philanthropists who simply write a check, they work very closely with the organizations that they support. Each organization is also expected to give part of their funds to another organization and work with it to become stronger.

Adam feels that one of the main problems facing Jewish Americans today is anti-Jewish sentiment, particularly on college campuses. He says that many young people are afraid to admit that they are Jews because they fear that they will be bullied. Therefore, he has been very active in supporting Jewish students.

Adam and his wife came to the United States from Israel in 1981. He was not a practicing Jew at the time. His business partner taught him that it was the Jewish way to give 10 percent of his income away. Since Adam started doing this, he says that he has seen God work miracles in many different circumstances.

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