Sanjay Shah And His Wife Mark The Autism Awareness Month With A Fun Filled Event

Recently, during the Autism Awareness Month, Usha and Sanjay Shah, a Dubai based couple hosted the Autism Rocks Festival. The fun filled event gave families the opportunity to have a great time. It featured American rappers Tyga and Florida. The goal of the event was to raise awareness about the condition as well as donations for research.

Autism Rocks aims to change people’s perception towards those that have the condition. It also aims to change how they are dealt with in society. Usha points out that the urge to make a difference was driven by a personal commitment. They wanted to do something for Nikhil, their autistic son and others like him.

Although there has been a lot of support for individuals with special needs, the couple felt the need to offer more exposure for such children. They wanted to support research into new ways to counter Autism and understand why people are affected by the condition. That was the basis for Autism Rocks. It was established in 2014 and incorporates both a live concert and charity.

So far, it has managed to raise more than £ 600,000. It has accomplished that by organizing concerts in London and Dubai featuring the likes of Drake, Michael Buble, Prince, and Lenny Kravitz. This year’s event featured Tyga and Florida. They have a young vibe, which is important in spreading the message to the youth. Apart from Music, the family event featured crazy golf, laser tag, bouncy castle, zip line, rodeo bull, horse rides, inflatable rides, face painting, and barbeque. It was held in collaboration with 117 Live.

About Sanjay Shah
Sanjay Shah Denmark is a leading philanthropist and founder of Autism Rocks, a concert and charity event that raises donations for autism research. Additionally, Autism Rocks raises awareness about the condition. It was established in 2014. Sanjay Shah fuels autism research through his passion for music and love for family. He has raised awareness about autism by working closely with the music industry. Shah has also created an outlet to aid autism research.

He has made great accomplishments in the field of entrepreneurship with Solo Capital. He is the founder of the company, which has headquarters in London. It is an international financial services firm that deals in specialties like consulting, professional sports investments, and proprietary trading. Additionally, Shah runs many other businesses in London, Dubai, The Cayman Islands, and Malta.

SEC Whistleblower Earns Top Award

One of the clients represented by the law firm Labaton Sucharow has received a $17 million award from the Securities and Exchange Commission. The client was recently represented by the firm to help expose wrongdoing in the financial services industry. With this award, the firm has gotten the second largest ever from the SEC Whistleblower program. In the 6 years that this program has been in place, Labaton Sucharow’s client has gotten the second largest award thanks to its excellent representation. With the legal representation offered by Labaton Sucharow, anyone who is looking to report unlawful activity in the financial services industry can earn between 10 and 30 percent of the monetary sanctions collected.

The most recent client of the firm was able to give them high quality information which helped them receive sanctions against one of the most prominent individuals in the financial industry. While the whistleblower has been an integral part of exposing more wrongdoing in the securities industry, they have chosen to remain anonymous for their protection. However, this whistleblower’s contributions have helped prevent investors from being financially hurt from illegal and unethical practices in the finance industry. With the representation of Labaton Sucharow, anyone who is looking to expose unethical activity in the finance industry will be able to do so with ease and anonymity.

The firm known as Labaton Sucharow is the top law firm in terms of representing businesses, investors and consumers in litigation of securities cases. This firm provides clients with a leading SEC whistleblower attorney who will look to prove to courts that unethical and illegal activity has taken place in the securities industry. Clients will have a top SEC whistleblower lawyer that will give them the representation they need in order to help prevent unethical individuals from financially ruining others in investment activities.

With the SEC whistleblower program, the Securities and Exchange Commission and congress looked to help prevent investors from being harmed by unethical financial professionals and companies. As a result, they developed a program in the late 2000’s that was intended to allow individuals or businesses to report wrongdoing in the financial industry and get legal representation to make these people accountable for their actions. The program would allow anyone who is knowledgeable of securities law violations to inform the SEC and seek litigation to get awards for compensatory damages. Therefore, this has proven to be one of the most effective programs in helping make the financial industry less corrupt.

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Philanthropy Beyond Borders

Financial expert, David Osio, is committed to bettering his community by collaborating with a vast number of non-profit organizations. His philanthropic works have seen him being involved in medical research, music, art and so forth. For over two decades, he has devoted himself to the betterment of communities all over the world and incorporates his business and financial counsel into his work. By combining both his financial expertise and dedication to charitable causes, he continues to make a difference in the lives of those he encounters. He has been a long time supporter of MISO- the Miami symphony orchestra- for which he served on the board as a member.

The Symphony has continued to inspire the community year after year and has been involved in a number of community projects with the help of support and donations from persons like Mr. Osio and many others. His passion for music and the arts can be seen in the devotion he has towards this foundation. He has also been a supporter of the children’s’ orthopedic foundation where he has for a long time been a sponsor of the events organized. He has stated that it is up to the community and especially those who have the ability to make lasting efforts towards such important causes. Learn more:

As the founding member and CEO of Davos Financial Group Advisory Group, he has had the pleasure of being at the helm and steering the company into multiple successes placing them among the very top both locally and internationally. The company has made extensive entry into markets all over the world including New York, Lisbon, Geneva and Panama City. As is his trend he has established a charitable cause in each city that the company has set foot in. He has been responsible for the local and global approaches and the last 20 years he has overseen the expansion of the company into global markets.

David Osio holds a law degree from the Catholic University Andres Bello in Caracas. His career started in Venezuela where he was the director of the Legal Desk MGO that provided legal advice to globally based clients such as Consolidated Bank. His credentials further span into him holding advanced professional levels from the institute of higher administration studies also based in Caracas. His charitable contributions include the Wayuu Taya Foundation, UMA Foundation, the Fundana foundation, the Saludarte foundation of art in Miami.

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Businessman Jose Gonzalez Throws His Hat into the Gubernatorial Ring

Jose Manuel Gonzalez just announced his candidacy for the Governor of Guarico, Venezuela. He believes that politics is too important to be left in the hands of the career politicians. He is on the board as an assembly man in the Venezuelan state of Guarico to help improve conditions of his country. Jose Manuel Gonzalez was appointed governor of Goarico National Assembly in Caracas, Venezuela. The entrepreneur won 53 percent of the vote. He has no political experience, and he thinks that his experience in the business world can benefit Guarico. Gonzalez believes that regular people are better off running the government than career politicians. Like the rest of Venezuela, Guarico is in poor financial shape. He wants to bring businesses and jobs back to Venezuela. He knows that people are tired of politicians who think they own Venezuela. Gonzalez believes it is not hoping and praying that will improve the conditions of Venezuela, but people should start electing proper officials who will work to make Venezuela better. Gonzalez is proving that he is someone people can look up to. He has taken much of his free time to work on improving the conditions of his country.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez lives on the coast of Venezuela with his family. He was raised in a small rural area before heading off to the big city for his education where he was educated at Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, studying business. Before joining the assembly, Gonzalez was the president of FEDECAMARAS, an agricultural company. Because of the downfall of the Venezuelan government, FEDECAMARAS had to discontinue producing the 500,000 tons of rice and 300 thousand tons of corn they usually did. Gonzalez currently runs AmericTraders, Bridco, Thomas Pipe, and SGL Technic.

Gonzalez does not promise miracles and knows it will take some time to heal the problems in Guarico. He and others plan to hire more workers if business gets better. The assembly man knows that he can count on other people in his state to also hire new people.

Wengie Lazy Hair Routine Recap

YouTube beauty blogger Wengie shows viewers how to style their hair when it does not look its best. She also gives makeup and outfit ideas to go with it.

Wengie begins with a makeup routine. She first uses primer to shrink pores and give a good base for makeup and then puts on matte foundation. She then applies concealer to hide under-eye bags and make her face more “voluminous.” Then she fills in her brows with a brow pencil and brow mascara. Next she puts on eye shadow. Next she draws on winged liner with a liquid eyeliner. Wengie then curls her lashes and applies false lashes on top. She then suggests drawing on bottom lashes with eyeliner. She then shows how to contour and highlight your face. Then she applies lip liner and liquid lip color in a dark pink shade.

Then Wengie moves on to her hair. She parts it in the middle, then brushes it to distribute oils from roots to the ends, which may be drier. Then she sprays dry shampoo onto her roots. Next she straightens her hair. She then pulls her hair behind her ears and leaves some out in front to frame her face. Last, she puts on a baseball cap to hide roots.

For her outfit, Wengie chose a cropped black hoodie with white text on the front. She also wore high-waisted destroyed jeans. She accessorized with metallic gold high-top sneakers and a choker necklace to finish off her casual look.

Makari Skin Cares’ Whitening Cream Gives Flawless Radiant Skin

Skin lightening creams offer many benefits then expected. When people traditionally think of skin lightening, they think of bleaching agents that drastically lightened the complexion of their skin. While women do experience a change in the tone of the color of their scan, the change is not as drastic as expected. In many cases, the skin tone lightens two to three shades, a difference that is only noticeable by close inspection. Makari Skin Care offers one of the most effective skin lightening cream that transforms even the most resistant skin into flawless supple skin that is radiant and glowing.

The skin whitening cream produced by Makari Skin Care helps to decrease the visibility of hyperpigmentation, scars, stretch marks and rashes disappear. The cream encourages the reproduction of new cells which in turn helps the clear, healthy and undamaged skin emerged to the surface. While the cream will not prevents additional dark spots or discoloration from appearing, it works to increase the speed that the skin heals itself in order to get rid of the discolorations faster.

All of Makari Skin Care products are manufactured in Switzerland, using advanced natural products that nourish and rejuvenates discolored or troubled skin. Some women use the products in order to fight signs of aging, and even though the product is referred to as a lightening cream, it functions as an anti-aging solution as well. The ingredients in the creame are not harsh chemicals that strip the skin of its’ natural moisture. It also does not leave the skin with patches of bleached or chemically damaged skin. Instead, Makari Skin Cares’ Whitening Cream works at the molecular level to evenly distributes the ingredients so that’s fine lines are softened gently as age spots and dark spots fade into an even toned canvas. The end result is moisturized skin that looks youthful, radiance and even toned.

Using a whitening cream is beneficial for those who have tried other products in order to achieve flawless skin and have found difficulty finding our products that delivers results. While the whitening cream will not completely change your appearance in a dramatic way, it will deliver noticeable results that happen gradually. With continuous use, customers have eradicated themselves of problematic acne, eliminated visible scars, achieved a more youthful appearance and enhanced the overall radiance in their skin tone by using Makari Skin Cares’ Whitening Cream.

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Brian Bonar’s Relationship Building Helps In A Lot Of Areas

Brian Bonar knows how to build relationships with people who can help him and his business, and he knows how to make it so that people are going to have a chance to feel good about the financial choices they make.

He runs Dalrada Financial Corporation very well with a big series of handshakes, and he also has been able to help build an empire around him that helps people. Read more: Brian Bonar’s Pics, Phone, Email, Address, Public Records

It is very easy for people to get to know Brian Bonar, and it is even easier for him to show people that there is a lot of joy in a strong friendship that he is capable of building.

Bonar does a lot of work in the financial industry, but he also does things for people that are going to help them appreciate his culture. He has brought some European food fare to the San Diego area as part of his business empire, and he is also someone who can help people when they want to invest in businesses of their own.

It is simple for him to have the help that his friends need, and he can turn to these friends for help when he needs it.

According to Bloomberg and Whitepages, Brian Bonar career is something that makes people feel comfortable because he is an affable and helpful man. He helps people come to a peaceful decision about their finances, and he knows how to show people how to be safe with their money.

Brian Bonar wants to help people when they are trying to get to a better place in life whether it is with their investments or with their food. They have a chance to feel like they have made major changes to their lives, and they also have a chance to feel like they are working with someone that they can trust.

Save Money By Choosing FreedomPop As A Wireless Service Provider

There are many ways to squander money when it doesn’t have to be spent, and one way that people are overspending money is by paying cell phone fees that are extremely high. There are some who actually feel that $100 a month for an unlimited cell phone service plan is a good deal, but there are much better deals on the table. FreedomPop is offering an unlimited cell phone plan that only costs $20 every month, and the plan includes text messages, talk time, and data. Only one gigabyte of 4G LTE data is given with the $20 service plan, but adding additional 4G LTE data only costs five dollars.

If a person knew that they were spending $80 extra per month on a phone plan, what’s the likeliness that they would continue using that same plan if they knew that they could pay less elsewhere? FreedomPop makes it easy to switch, especially for those who have a phone that takes sim card. Almost every phone that is an Android or an iPhone or is sim card-based can be used on the FreedomPop network. FreedomPop also provides cell phones and tablets for those who don’t have their own phone to bring over to the network.

With so many smartphones being sold by FreedomPop, some may want to read a FreedomPop review about their devices as well as their services. The devices that FreedomPop sells will vary from new to used, but the used devices are refurbished and are in like new condition. The reason FreedomPop sells refurbished devices is to give everyone the opportunity to own a great phone at a low cost as opposed to having to buy the phone brand-new. The phones sold by FreedomPop are Samsung Galaxy’s and iPhones as well as other smartphones, and high end tablets are also sold by FreedomPop too.

The services offered by FreedomPop are cell phone service, portable hotspots, home Internet service, and unlimited Wi-Fi service. FreedomPop doesn’t require contracts for their services, and a purchase of a portable hotspot or a hub for the home is required to get Internet services. The unlimited Wi-Fi service that FreedomPop provides can be used when the FreedomPop Wi-Fi application is downloaded to a device, and the Wi-Fi is available in millions of different locations. FreedomPop can be the company that saves anyone a lot of money, especially if they’re used to paying high fees to their previous phone companies.

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Doe Deere Wants To Teach Entrepreneurs About Building Their Dreams

Doe Deere had a dream to build up a cosmetics brand that actually had the colors she wanted to wear. She knew how to make the cosmetics on her own, and then she made sure that she had a place to sell them. She knew that she would be able to sell on auction sites, but she had a bigger dream to sell on her own website. She made Lime Crime into a brand that any woman can shop with online, and she has gone the way of vegan products and bright colors.

Doe Deere started Lime Crime as a more accessible line that women could use because it has the bright colors that they are used to. She has been able to make hair dye that women will love, and they can even use the hair dyes to look just like her. She has her won style that people can appreciate, and she wants to be sure that the women who shop with her get what they want.

She made a website that has very high volume, and she knew that it would be very easy for women to use these products right after they show up in the mail. The cosmetics that women wear from Lime Crime can all be matched because there are bright colors for lips and eyes. There are bright colors for hair and cheeks, and a woman who wants to make a huge statement about her style can do that without even thinking. She can buy on Lime Crime and get instant results.

The best part of this is that Lime Crime and Doe Deere are vegan certified to make sure that they can welcome more people to shop on their site. She wants to be the company that is going to be the alternative that women need, and she wants to be sure that all women feel good about their bodies and their makeup. A combination of the hair dye and the bright makeup can make a woman look good, and it can change her life as she tries to find what her style would look like.

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Meet the Doll Maker and Instagram Star Hacked by Richard Prince

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, Corporate Litigation Expert

Brazil has a legal system based on Civil Law, meaning like most of Europe and Latin America, it traces its roots to the Justinian and Napoleonic Codes, and is based on a highly codified approach to law. Nonetheless, in the last few decades Brazilian jurisprudence has been influenced by American philosophical and legal traditions. The legal profession in Brazil is regulated by the Order of Brazilian Lawyers, which is analogous to the bars or law societies which exist in other countries and jurisdictions.

Admission to the OAB requires the completion of a five-year undergraduate degree and passing an exam, similar to the bar exam in the United States. The Brazilian bar exam, however, is standardized throughout the country. Once these requirements are met, an attorney can register in the state where he or she will practice. In addition, the OAB strictly regulates foreign law firms and attorneys. As a result, there are few active foreign attorneys or law firms in Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a Brazilian attorney based in Sao Paulo. A partner at the law firm of Leite, Tosto, and Barros, Tosto has over fifteen years of experience in corporate law and litigation, especially in the areas of bankruptcy, collections, and debt re-structuring. Before entering private practice, Tosto worked in the energy industry. He is admitted to the bars of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Brasilia, and is active in the legal community as a lecturer and presenter. A graduate of McKenzie Law School in Sao Paulo, he is a member of the International Bar Association. Find Ricardo Tosto on Twitter to learn more.